Solid Engine Mounts

On the left, the special made nylon solid motor mounts.
Delivered by a good friend.
The solid nylon bushings instead of rubber bushings reduces swaying by the frame and is more stiffened.
By this the frontpart of the bike is more stable in corners and highspeed driving ( no Mr officer, only at the racetrack ;-) )
Here on the right the bushings are placed into where the original rubber mounts were.
Modern motorcycles have  this type of mounting.
Only touringbikes have rubbermounts for eliminating the vibration of the engine.
 This is how your bike looks when modifying to the solid mounts.
Looks awfull this way.
When you want to figtht with your bike for mounting the rear bushings, just buy them and go on ;-).
It is a hell to mount the rear ones.
The result was there today, rock steady cornering and no swing from the frame.