Lockup and airshifter


Pre fitting the top plate and the lockup plate with the arms I got from Sarembe-racing.

Made filler rings for the clutch housing to make space for the lockup system.

Modified the clutch pressure plate.
Made 6 bushes to fit 6 coil springs which Sarembe-racing delivered me. Also made a plate for the lockup arms to rest on while pressing. Modified the stock pressure plate to fit the bushings.
Tested the pressure plate with the modified spring kit.
Worked well right the first time. Lighter and more accurate shifting. More clutch power then the stock diapraghm spring.

Lockup ready and now have to test the lock power on the track.
Pressure is noticable at higher revs. Not on cruise speeds.
Also made an air shifter on my bike. Modified the shift arm on the engine.
Placed a high flow solenoid near the air cylinder which controls the arm on the engine.
Now to make the kill box ready for the injection to tell that I am shifting on full load without clutching.

Here the air bottle for the air shifter with pressure meter.
Placed a mini compressor under the dummy.
But it is also possible to fill it with the air compressor at home or foot pump.

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