Munch Mammut polyester Frontfairing

At a day I thought , why not make a unique front fairing for my Vmax.
I was inspired by the Münch Mammut , so why not make it look a little like this monster.


So I started photosouping on bike.
A model of the look I wanted to make....

After making the base model the correct size, I smeared a
little more caulk to correct the form of the outer surface.

This is the mold which is used in the polyester process.
Sprayed vaseline on it to make the polyester release easy from the mold. 

This is the real model made from polyester.
Lot of mess made in the garage with the polyester.

Lots of grinding and sawing was needed to make the shape form.
I used the Dremel to make the correct shape.
It was not symmetrical so I had to saw off a lot to make it correct
and sharpened the edges more using the Dremel.
Spray painted it with a plastic primer and then sprayed a thick
layer Filler on the polyester to get rid of the bubbles and scratches.

After that I sanded off a little Filler and used Putty to make the bumps and holes flatten out.
After that I sanded the top layer and sprayed a new Filler coat.

This is the result of many hours of sanding and lots of patience
I made the front light window and top shield of Perspex.
( Parts by )
Spray painted in the color of the bike, '97 Titanium.

When Nitromax visited me and he said, it looks like an alien !!!
I thought, what do you mean alien ?
Now just compare his tattoo with my fairing...
Then I got it ;-)

60 mm legal projector beam headlights.

Built a frame for the lights with a dial set inside to set the right angle.

And this is the result of more then 190 hours of work.
And I am very proud of it !!!!