NOS kit


Bought a NOS kit.

This is what I always wanted to make the bike more complete.


A Vmax can handle this power without modifications to add a 50 till 80 HP

.Here the foggers mounted on the stock manifolds with the rivets.

Sealed with a 2 component epoxy.


This idea to mount the solenoids I have taken from Thomas Powell.

He mounted the solenoids on the battery box and I liked this style of mounting.

The bottle mounted on a right place for a Vmax when you want to take someone with you. Image

Mounted the fuel pump on the right side where the original not used brake mount is.

Made an aluminum plate and placed the pump there, has to be black.

Foggers view below the carburators. Image
Image Foggers are not sticking out the bike much.
The Fuel line, made by a revision shop.
Mounted on the bottom of the tank on the place where the drain plug was.
Also welded a small pillar on it for the water which can be on the bottom of the tank.

Soon to make a Dyno run to see how much gain will be made with this setup.
Image Made the bottle black. Looks much better.