Clear Clutch Cover


Remove your footpeg to make some room for removing the cover.
Then loosen all bolts from the cover. Pull the cover towards you. Keep in mind that the gasket can be very sticky.

On the inside you have a bolt which holds the crossed plate on the cover. When removing , use a grip pliers to remove or drill the bolt out of the cover.

When the crossed plate is removed you can make a circle on the cover like on this picture.

Drill a hole near the line you made, the go jig sawing, be sure to have coffee ready because it is a hell to do.

From Perspex you make a cover. It can be 5 till 6 millimeters for the best result for filling the groove. This is also done by jig sawing ( again have coffee ready ). Jigsaw as slow as possible, also the drilling in the cover, too fast will crack the cover.
When the cover is ready, you can drill holes and make some thread in the aluminum cover. I have done it with metric 4, 3 is also a good size but smaller or lager is not better for the looks.

Here is the cover sealed with a silicone mastic and bolted on with stainless steel hex wrench bolts. Be sure before sealing the bolts fit well and the groove and Perspex are solvent and grease free.
This can be done with some white spirit or something similar.
Dry the places which has to be sealed.
When all your work is done and everything goes well, you have a nice Clear Clutch Cover. Homemade and lots cheaper then buying a machined one. How slower you work and give it some time, the better it looks.

Another change, removed the silicon gasket and placed a rubber O ring.
Looks better and works better.
The cover cracked because of the torque of the bolts and no free play.
Now with this O ring it works well, no over tightened bolts and cleaner look.

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