The V8 is allive !

November 21st 2009: after seven years and two months (!) the V8 bike stood on its wheels and the electronics were ready for a test run. The picture shows the current state ;-)

I took my flight case stuffed with a laptop, multimeters, crocodile clamps, fuses and an oscilloscope. On the left top you see a brand new computer*  built 'from scratch' and fully dedicated for this project.

* The first computer did not survive the first intensive test. Cause: due to lack of space a big connector had to be removed and placed elsewhere. The multilayer print did not like that, as I feared. All part of the game.

We prepared for ignition: schemes were consulted ...

... small modifications were made.

... which was no coincidence as the first start was accompanied by many bangs, flames and smoke. The computer-controlled ignition and injection wasn't fully optimized yet which caused ignition in the exhaust.

The lines in the picture were caused by the massive vibrations disturbing the camera shots.

These vibrations required certain items to be re-inforced by Otto.

Ignite - adjust - ignite - adjust. The eight meters are fed by sensors which are located all over the bike. The engine management software is very advanced. Initially the engine run on four, then six and finally eight cylinders. More and more meters came within acceptable range.

The exhaust manifold colored red and heated up to over 600 degrees Celcius.

We were quite excited about the outcome. What a thrill to hear the engine running for the first time.
(Frans in the picture)

Eventually we opened a bottle of Russian champagne: the red color symbolized the blood, the sweat and the tears. There is much, much, much work to be done before the bike is ready for the road.