V8 Project : On the road again


December 9 2014 I reached my main goal: 12 years and 3 months after I made the first sketch, the Dutch vehicle licensing authority RDW declared my V8 bike stree legal. This success didn't come out of nowhere. Update #7 tells the story: 'The Way To and Past RDW'.

Starting small. The bike needed a so called identification plate. On it the name of the manufacturer and its VIN, vehicle identification number (source: 93/94/EEG-2006/27/EG). Well, I am the manufacturer so I put my name on it.

Tunerstudio The bike's cooling system was still a big problem. In no time the coolant temperature rose to 110 degrees-plus, which is far too high.
Chevy electric waterpump

To solve it once and for all I invited expert Chris Janssen to help find a solution.

We took out the waterpump to test its capacity ...

better heat distribution
Multiplying the flow by factor 11,5 certainly made a difference. On the dyno the temperature did not get past 69 degrees Celcius; 40 degrees less than before!
Klaus Sarembe passed away August 18 turned out to be a very black day: Klaus Sarembe died.
Klaus Sarembe on the dyno
I asked Klaus in 2002 to help me with this V8 project. Hundreds and hundreds of hours we spent together, deliberating and building. A great, great loss. But life goes on; he certainly would have wanted this project to finish.
brake disc conversion
Brutal: on the lower right you see the old brake system, two 240mm discs with two six pot calipers.
Insane: attached to the wheel you see the new brake system, two 320mm discs with two six pot calipers.
RDW front door

October 15 2014, a big day. It had been 15 years – literally in other century – since I was there, with the CBX. The RDW (Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer) is the Dutch vehicle licensing authority: get past them or never get on the road. Peter joined me on this trip.

Normally it's not allowed to make any pictures at the test site; I got allowance under the condition that I only photographed bike-related situations.

RDW checks
Inspector Niels Schmidt took his time to inspect the bike on a sh*tload of points.
RDW oval test
The test center in Lelystad has a huge oval track. Every new round Robert opened the throttle a bit more. For the first time Peter and I saw the potential of this bike. Every time he passed us it sounded like Nascar, ending acceleration with a loud whistle from the blow-offs. Wow! Klaus should have been there. He tested no less than three quarters of an hour. Acceleration, brakes, sound, ground clearance, stabiltiy and tons of more demands. German bike builders often make fun of our RDW as their TÜV is said to be far more strict. Peter, bike builder ánd German, was very impressed though: he admitted that the tests were very thorough and exoteric.
thumbs up
The result: I was very satisfied! Nothing broke down, no one was killed, and both inspectors were positive. So did I get my licence plate? Nope. There were some issues that weren't quite satisfying yet. Robert and Niels offered their help and expertise, which I appreciated very much.
decibelmeter Than the biggest problem (uhhh, 'challenge') of them all. Heat, you might think but no: the sound. I did not expect that at first because the bike has a low-revs engine, two big silencing turbos, and no less then four mufflers. Still, as Robert rode past us, Peter and I got a little worried; I mean, Nascar... To know is to measure. On November 15 Peter and I put the bike on the dyno to find out what exactly was the source of the sound: the air going into the turbos, the engine itself, the whistling blow-offs or the exhaust?
sound test

On the internet I found a lot of threads on forums about how to silence a bike. All experts, of course, and they all disagree. I wasn't too keen on going to Lelystad over and over again so I contacted EPS: they are the specialists in V8's and exhausts.

Owner of EPS, Roelf de Haan, did the dynamic test. That turned out not to be very useful: a wet, slightly muddy, concrete-asphalt country road wasn't a appropriate location for going full-throttle.

EPS store
They showed me their extensive muffler storage. Roelf made me an offer I could not refuse so I left the bike there.
driving salted roads Five hours later it was safe to go 'on the road' again.

It didn't take very long before Robert returned. This full body man-hug tells the result. What a relief!

We had to do some paperwork after that. He explained me the results of the sound-ranging.

whatsapp Man, this day was one giant leap for mankind. Congratulations followed fast. What now? Ready? On the road? Don't think so.
What comes next: water-methanolinjection, NOS, performance test, disassembling for final paintjob, and finally on the road. It all fits in one sentence so this can't take ages. But don't pin me down: it's still all R&D. So: to be continued ...