Nitromax Supercharged Suzuki Samurai


Nitromax was telling me that when he was driving standing near his car waiting for the de-icing of his Weber carbs and smoking the cigar, that this car could perform better then smoking a cigar beside the road instead of driving the car.


My words were EFI ! He told too expensive, but after I told about the Megasquirt project I did he went over and started collecting parts via Suzi's Place in Buren The Netherlands.
After all the work we did and his friends which helped too ,he got a smooth running car with the support of a Megasquirt controller.
Everything about this project is on his site at : SamMega
The result is in the dynochart :



Not really much Horsepowergain but way more torque in the lower.


Runs more miles per Gallon now and smoother. Also crancks easier and does not stop running at the trafficlights.


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