Frans' 1956 BMW Boxer

Frans decided to go on with Megasquirt. Here it started and he is measuring the adapter rings.
Me making the adapters on the lathe.
Adapter rings
The adapters to fit modern style BMW throttlebodies on a 1956 model heads BMW Boxer engine.
BMW throttle bodies
See the difference left mounted , right stock BMW.
Adapter ring
This is the inside in flow direction.
At the end you can see the adapter.
Change the things...
Changed the concept a bit and we placed R100 cilinders on it so the adapters are gone...
Placed a Palm Vx to datalog on the bike.
Jiffy detail
Mind the detail on the jiffy ;-)

Checking the bike....

 Happy Frans
Happy Frans !

 Overview of the bike

Work is done ! ( till now because he is talking about turbo's... )
The bike runs fine. Way more torque.Lot of horses in the throttle waiting to be released.
200 km/h is very quick on this 1956 frame but glad the brakes are from a Triupmh and the fork too.
We used R1150RT throttlebodies with the injectors of it. R100 cilinders. K&N filters. universal TPS. The head temperature is measured in the cilinder on the 2nd slot behind the head ( intake side bottom )

Also got a magazine MotorRevue where Frans his bike was in at the Streetfighter kick-off in Ijzendoorn The Netherlands.
The text says : Old fashioned BMW on fuelinjection !!!