BMW R100 Turbo


At a day Frans again asked me to mount a turbo on the BMW in combination
with Megasquirt. And we started with the tubing...

After a lot of measuring and welding we got the intake and exhaust together.

Nice view and ideal place for the turbo.
In the wind and far enough from burning yourself.

Even clean looks at the bottom !

To keep the heat to the turbo we used glass bandage.

Fitted the injectors in the pipe.
2 injectors per side for finer response on the throttle using staging.
Had to reprogram a lot on the Megasquirt.

Frans liked the mufflers, so I made a set for him ;-)

Side view.

First start...

Few runs and tuning later...
Frans pulls the throttle in this movie ! Frans goes out and is excited :D


We changed the frontpipes into stainles steel. Also changed the ignition controls.
It runs via the Megasquirt and not via the original Bosch module.
This module has problems when going below 10 volts. Now it cranks till 6 volts without problems.
The coilpack is a dual output MSD model (2 seperated coils).
The stock and aftermarket model which was not ok for this setup with a turbo had to be replaced by the MSD one.
Better spark = more horsepower instead of wasting it in the exhaust.

Tube parts bought from which is a nice company to deal with.


It went all fine and works a lot better.
Cranks easier and picks up faster on the throttle.


A drive by impression.
We are satisfied with this setup.