EdingCNC Toolchanger Macro

This toolchanger macro initially made for lathes using EdingCNC V5A and V5B interfaces and also the iCNC600.

With a little change you can use it for milling machines too.

In the header of the file is some information how to set the parameters and how the I/O is used.

Read the comments for more info.


Some random info:

The number of tools that can be used is infinite as long as it can be devided on a 360 degrees disc or plate.

The toolchange location is programmable and uses Toolchange Collision Area switches.

Uses G43 toolcompensation from your tooltable.

Failsafe checks like if the turret opened and closed. If not, the change halts and keeps your expensive machine from crashing.


You can add this to your personal macro and perform automatic toolchanges.

Search in the original macro.cnc and remove the toolchanger example and check your homing sequences if that fits your needs.


You can download this macro at: Toolchanger macro for Eding CNC


Be aware that this is in Bèta release!

Contact me if you find any errors or have comments. 

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