EdingCNC Shopfloor Milling Cycli

The goal of the Shopfloor programmer is to easy make flat sufraces, round and square contours, round and square pockets and slotted holes. 

A simple setup is made for getting familiar with the interface. (manual in Dutch while beta testing) It is still in development, so be carefull when using it! I am not responsible for the break downs of your CNC machine.

Eding CNC is a Dutch company which makes CNC controllers.


This macro contains routines which make standard cycli easy to program on the machine. These different functions save you time for making round or square holes and contours. Also a Teach-in option is built in for making serial productions.

All toolpaths are tool radius compensated. For this option you need to have your tool table up-to date or else no compensation is done or the wrong size.


For example: A motor mount with a slide option to place the belt in position. 

  • Flat surface
  • Main mounting bolts
  • Main axle pass through
  • Motor mounting slots for sliding
  • Motor axle pass trough oval slot
  • Cut out of workpiece.

 Programming example Shopfloor programmer

Functions in a nutshell:

Flood and mist coolant selectable, spindle speeds and feeds, radiuscompensation from the tooltable, helix lead in where possible.


    Making the top of your workpiece flat and clean to start with a flat base or even all sides.

    A contour inside or oustide in a square or rectangle shape.

    A contour inside or oustide in a round shape.

    A square or rectangle pocket with helix lead in for fast approach of depth.

    A round pocket with helix lead in for fast approach of depth.

    Making keyways easy in horizontal or vertical shape in any size.

    To drill holes with a canned cycle.

    Make boltpatterns in a circular shape like a pattern for flanges or end caps.
    Starting position of first hole is selectable.

    Easy made tapping with a rigid tapping head.

    Teach-in function to make a series of cycli in one file and later on editable.

    For making standard headers and footers while in Teach-in mode.
    Makes it easier to use codes like G21 and other defaults to use.
    Also program ends like a M9 G28 and M30 to end the code.

    To warmup the machine moving all axles to it's maximum reach and run the main spindle.

Bugfixes and features in v0.2.2:

  • Bugfix: Square contour coordinates changed to sizes instead. Overshootcompensation was calculated wrong.
  • Bugfix: Added brackets to variables conform interpreter needs.
  • Bugfix: Stepover Helix lead in changed to half the radius from centerpoint.

Latest version: Google drive projects: Saarloos.net Shopfloor programmer v0.2.2

Earlier version: Older but obsolete version: Saarloos.net Shopfloor programmer v0.2.1

Be aware that this software is in Bèta release!

Contact me if you find any errors or have comments. 

If you like it or saved you a lot of time? You can donate with Paypal:  

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Current version: v0.2.2 - Issues and features list:

8BugDevelopmentSquare contour step down inside and outside swapped X and Y.
7BugTestingSquare contour coordinates changed to sizes instead. Overshootcompensation was calculated wrong.0.2.2
6BugTestingAdded brackets to variables conform interpreter needs.0.2.2
5BugTestingStepover Helix lead in changed to half the radius from centerpoint.0.2.2

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