Project Phalanx

Concept milling machine based on Eding CNC with customized macro's.

The build progress and succes stories documented in small portions to show what is going on.

This project is about a newly designed CNC mill.

Alibre design V12.1 PRO is used for the CAD drawings in 2D and 3D. And for the CAM CamBam.

Project Phalanx is to make a fast compact mid size machining center with an ISO 40 spindle, Toolchanger and a workingenvelope of 600x550x270mm free movement space.


  • Saarloos Engineering design prototype VMC frame

  • EdingCNC V5B interface with ethernet

  • 4 Granite Devices VSD-XE drives with VSDEPI board for 4 axis

  • 660Watt NEMA34 servo drives with 1024 lpr encoders

  • Microlab M4NPRG ISO40 spindle cartridge with surrounding coolant ring

  • Eura VFD

  • SZGH automation 3.7 kW servo spindle 8000 rpm 36 Nm torque

  • 3500 liter/hour at 4 bar flood coolant pump

  • Automatic central lubrication

  • Rittal 800x1000x300 mm electronics enclosure

  • Hiwin 25mm rails

  • Isel 25mm/5mm ball screws

  • Mini ITX CPU board running Windows 7

  • ELO 15 inch built in touchsceen

  • Pokeys 57U keyboard emulator

  • Shopfloor macro




Microlab ISO 40 spindle cartridge.

Model NPRG4 8000 RPM ISO grippers dual bearings.


The spindle unit is ordered with a surrounding coolant unit.

This means that the coolant is sprayed from all directions to the toolholder.

The spindle has a redesigned blocking mechanism now with a 4 edged disc.
With a 608 bearing pushed in the slot, you can lock it.
If you lock it while turning, it can jump out without any damage. 

The new Z Axis assembly designed in Alibre Design Pro.

First impressions of the Z axis assembly.

Lenze motor with the fins shortened and rear axle fan part shortened.

Lenze motor with coolant jacket test fitted.

Key slot milled with the Saarloos/Eding Macro's

(basic Marco to be downloaded on the CNC area)

The key installed

Perfect fit!


Pre assembly of the milled parts before heat treatment.


Making the backplate flat on the machine.


Overview of the welds.


Close-up of the welds


Leveling and grinding manually.


Finished grinding.

   To be continued...