Project Phalanx

This project is about a newly designed CNC mill.

Alibre design V12.1 PRO is used for the CAD drawings in 2D and 3D. And for the CAM CamBam.

Project Phalanx is to make a fast compact mid size machining center with an ISO 40 spindle, Toolchanger and a workingenvelope of 600x550x270mm free movement space.


  • Saarloos Engineering design prototype VMC frame

  • EdingCNC V5B interface with ethernet

  • 4 Granite Devices VSD-XE drives with VSDEPI board for 4 axis

  • 660Watt NEMA34 servo drives with 1024 lpr encoders

  • Microlab M4NPRG ISO40 spindle cartridge with surrounding coolant ring

  • Eura VFD

  • SZGH automation 3.7 kW servo spindle 8000 rpm 36 Nm torque

  • 3500 liter/hour at 4 bar flood coolant pump

  • Automatic central lubrication

  • Rittal 800x1000x300 mm electronics enclosure

  • Hiwin 25mm rails

  • Isel 25mm/5mm ball screws

  • Mini ITX CPU board running Windows 7

  • ELO 15 inch built in touchsceen

  • Pokeys 57U keyboard emulator

  • Shopfloor macro