Project Goalkeeper: Hembrug DR133NC


This project is about a redesign of a very known brand the Hembrug lathe. The DR133NC

I am using Alibre design V12.1 PRO for the drawings in 2D and 3D.

Project Goalkeeper is to make the Hembrug DR133NC into a new world.
Hembrug made about 6 machines of the DR133 to CNC. I have one of these machines that ever left the factory!
It will be refitted with newer hardware to make it more compatible with the modern days controllers

The machine will have a USBCNC V5A controller, 4 kW AC motor with Frequency drive, 8 position tool turret, coolant pump and a lot of small details.

Selection of the name is because Goalkeeper als also a Dutch product and that is also accurate.


Specifications after rebuild:

  • Hembrug DR133NC original machine

  • EdingCNC V5A interface

  • Leadshine Digital Easy servo drives with encoder feedback

  • Dorian NVIT8-75 Turret with autochanger option 8 positions

  • Floodcoolant


  • 4kW 2 pole AC motor

  • 160mm Röhm 3 jaw chuck

  • Toolchanger macro

  • Botti automatic lubrication system

  • Mini ITX CPU board running Windows 7

  • ELO 15 inch touchsceen

Hembrug DR133