Hembrug DR133NC on EdingCNC V5A

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Hembrug AI Holland

 Hembrug DR133NC frame

This project is to make the original Hembrug DR 133 NC into a new digital life.

The bare metal original parts are untouched and will remain like they are.

Controls will be replaced by an Eding CNC V5A interface. Together with Leadshine Easy Servo steppers.

The gears like on the Hembrug DR1 are not installed and so it will be 'one' gear to power the chuck.

This frame weighs around one metric ton.

 Hembrug slides

The original slides of the DR133NC.

 Hembrug DR133NC serial

Original Serial number.

One of the first Dutch CNC machines in the early '80s !

 Hembrug Heidenhain

Example of a DR133NC with a Heidenhain controller.


Setup partially ready with the ELO touch monitor mounted.

 Leadshine Easyservo 

Leadshine Easy Servo stepper motors with feedback.
Driver model used: HBS86 / ES-D808
Z axis motor: Closed Loop Stepper Motor ES-M23480 (2phase) 8Nm
X axis motor: Closed Loop Stepper Motor ES-M23440 (2phase) 4Nm

 AC squirrel cage motor 

4kW AC three phase motor for single geared turning. Connected to a KEB Variable Frequency Drive.
2 pole 2880 RPM on 50Hz 400 Volt.

There will be a separated blower mounted behind the motor for cooling. 
The VFD contols the RPM from 300 till 4000 RPM and the original fan does not compete with the low revs.
With low speeds the motor will overheat and thus has a external powered fan.

 Power control cabinet


Power control cabinet filled with the KEB frequency drive and main relays.
The stepper driver for the tool turret will also be in this area.

The 24 volts transformer is for relays, fans and the tool turret.

 CNC Chess pawn


First piece: the known Chess pawn for turningmachines.

Made from mild steel.

Diameter 25mm stock.

Turning time: 2:30 

Watch the test of the Chess pawn.


Some testing with inner turining of nylon.