V8 engine

Small steps, small progress, lot of work done! Now we had to figure out which problems came up and how to solve.

Lots of changes in electronics, mechanical parts and research. A clutch slip sensor is built in the ECU to see the difference between crank and rearwheel.

Many hours were spent on tiny things like leaking gaskets. Extra upgrade for water/methanol injection. 

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Otto went to the Dutch car license organisation (Rijksdienst Wegverkeer also RDW) and he has the GO! for the license plate!

In just 2 passes he got his license officially achieved.

Some minor things like European approval on the lights and the exhaust sound was too loud.

It was just 96 dB. That is just about the level of a crying baby!

The V8 sounds lets you cry and have tissues needed: for the happyness and excitement!

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Welding the frame


It is getting closer and closer to the end!
Otto has been working on the bike a lot. Many changes done. Also many design flaws that needed to re-design. The frame has been final welded, heat treated and prepared for the first license check-up.

Also changed a lot of wires to make the bunch smaller and easier to troubleshoot.

So there is an update to read!

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(copy of his site www.cbx-inox.com)

Bookwork about the V8

Otto made an update on his website www.cbx-inox.com

We made some progress in the tuning and also a lot of mechanical things.
Lot of paperworks are collected in the years.

2 big filers are piling up with paper and written with a huge amount of notes.
We never tought of that many changes in the years that flew by...

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V8 bike road trip

An update about the V8 project.

A lot of things have been done these months. For the exact number of months: 16!
The double of the V8. Does this mean a V16?
No just a lot of numbers and details how it has not to be and what has to be changed.
All these numbers gathered made a new vision how to make this engine pop out the horses possible.
Change the plan again? Yes, why not? 


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Close-up of the tubing on the BMW R100

The BMW R100 Turbo boxer is now running fully on Megasquirt.

Got rid of the stock Bosch module and driving directly on 2 coils with the VB921 drivers.
Cranks easier and is able to crank until it drops below 6 volts.
Runs really well on the new setup.

Also changed the front pipes into stainless steel. Looks much better !

Fine-tuning is the next step and make everything reliable to make long trips on the roads.

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Driving the V8 bike

It is true ! The V8 runs and drives well !
Lot of things to go but the first steps in the open world were a fact this day.

 The blurry picture shows that is just true that we have driven.
Yes it is hot between your legs with this kind of engine!

First impression is a very cool raw looking bike without paint.
The bike ran well and we made a little footage that will be online after the bike is ready.
Till that time, you have to wait for the details...


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Blown Yamaha Vmax piston


The Yamaha pistons stopped using the turbo and threw oil through the crank ventilation.
In the Vmax part there is an article that show the new pistons and they are nice !

Dynoman performance from Texas advised to use JE pistons and a set of Carrillo rods.
Also a Cometic steel headgasket is used and a Dyna 3000 ignitionbox for the retard function for the turbo.

Less compression means more air to be compressed and that means more fuel = more horsepower!


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Turbo tubing intake and exhaust

Long time no hear....

But we have some news ! There are projects going on !
Here is one project that runs well but not complete.

A list is made with things like: fine tune, finalize wires, endurance test and then test again.

IR thermo scanner

Finally the V8 project has some progress. The Engine is near ready and the frame also.

Electronics, wiring and many many hoses for the fuel delivery and turbo need to be fitted soon.
Lot of thinking and measuring to have all wires and hoses out of sight.

Finally we got some progress that is worth showing up :

Project V8 by Otto



Also the Vmax turbo project is getting near the final state.
In a little while I will show some pics about the project and modifications in the setup that now is made.

K04 Turbo Audi TT

Instead of a NOS kit, a turbo is the other option to gain more horsepower.

The turbo used is a K04 from Borg Warner ( K3 or KKK group ) from an Audi TT
This should produce up to 225 HP easily. Also a set of Ford Racing injectors, billet fuel pressure regulator, turbo tubing kit , Bosch fuel pump and GSXR 600 throttlebodies.
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